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Classroom Redesign: It’s Finally Happening at My School!

June 9, 2009


I was perusing my blog this morning, reading through past posts, and I came across this one I wrote in January of this year. I had been silent on my blog for some time prior to that post, silent because I was teaching English full-time and trying to rally my district to embrace a major […]

20 Minutes with Warlick

July 2, 2008


I’ve had the opportunity to talk one-on-one to David Warlick in the Blogger’s Café at NECC 2008 this morning. Wow. I’m thankful he took the time-when several were vying for his attention-to visit with me. I talked to him about what we’re doing at BHS with the 21clc team. Basically, I wanted to bounce the […]

Igniting a Spark: Day One of 21clc

June 13, 2008


I led the first meeting of my school’s 21st Century Learning Community (21clc). I wish I could say I set the world-at least my microscopic corner of it-on fire. I didn’t. Hopefully, I provided enough flint to ignite a spark that, with enough gentle nudging, will slowly begin to burn, to spread, to envelope our […]

Dragging My School Into the 21st Century

May 28, 2008


Yesterday was our last day of school. It ended in a whirlwind, and now, my thoughts turn–not toward some rest and recharge time as they should–but toward my loooong list of To Do’s. My R & R is coming Friday when I head to Florida to spend a week at the beach. I have many […]

Blogging WebQuest

April 24, 2008


The labor has been long and arduous, but I’ve finally birthed (yes–I realize the connotation–an accurate one for the way I’m feeling right now) a finished WebQuest on blogging as part of my work with the Technology Infused Education (TIE) Cadre.  I can’t take credit for the idea. My work is a mere updating and […]