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AP Scores Cancelled: Academic Integrity Matters

July 8, 2008


Imagine having nearly all your high school’s AP test scores thrown out-scores canceled-because of a few cheating students. The Orange Country Register reports Trabuco Hills High School is living such a nightmare: 608 exams have been canceled by ETS because of “staff violations and violations of security protocols.”  Ouch. Academic integrity still matters. A lot. […]

A Message For All Educators, Not Just School Boards

July 6, 2008


Wes Fryer has created a video for his local school board, attempting to persuade the board to take action to have his school address the problem of not preparing students for the digital demands of the 21st Century. It speaks to many of the same action steps we at BHS need to be taking. Fortunately, […]

After NECC 2008: What will I DO now?

July 6, 2008


In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.                                     – Author Unknown The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.                                            – Henry Ward Beecher While NECC 2008 is still fresh, I wanted to set personal goals. What actions, as a result of my […]

Kittle Writing Beside Us

June 9, 2008


Eighty-two pages into Penny Kittle’s Write Beside Them, I’m smitten. This book will join the ranks of my go-to books, alongside Daniels and Steineke’s Mini-Lessons for Literature Circles and Barry Gilmore’s Speaking Volumes. Imagine my excitement when Penny Kittle herself agreed to enter our book club discussion. Wow. Having the author “write beside” us can only enrich […]

Twilight Series: For Pleasure & For Pedagogy

June 9, 2008


I’ve gone on a fiction reading binge while lounging on the beach this past week. There’s no better way to re-energize after a taxing school year than to sit in a beach chair beside the ocean, inhale the salty air, soak in the not-yet-too-hot sun, massage the feet in the sand, and escape via literary pages. […]

Dragging My School Into the 21st Century

May 28, 2008


Yesterday was our last day of school. It ended in a whirlwind, and now, my thoughts turn–not toward some rest and recharge time as they should–but toward my loooong list of To Do’s. My R & R is coming Friday when I head to Florida to spend a week at the beach. I have many […]

Gen Y: They Will Change the World

May 20, 2008


I read a great article this week from Read Write Web by Sarah Perez, who claims “Gen Y is taking over.”  She states:              As the Boomers fade into retirement and Gen Y takes root in the workplace, we’re              going to see some big changes ahead, not just at work, but on the web as a whole. Though […]