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The Awakening Project: Bring on the Comments!

December 3, 2008


As with all projects, we hit a few hurdles–absent team members, problems uploading videos, problems getting our crappy mics to record quality narration–but my students have finished their productions of their analyses of chapter six of The Awakening.  They’re eager for the world to view their presentations and enter the discussion. If you have time, please […]

Spreading 2.0 Love

April 22, 2008


Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping a colleague start a blog with her journalism students. It was a rewarding experience–like planting a seed that I know will soon blossom, shine, and–if I’m lucky–re-seed in nearby soil (I couldn’t resist using a “green” analogy). If you check out the blog, realize she just started working […]

Teacher’s Rein Loosened = Student Creativity Abounding

April 2, 2008


Yesterday I formally introduced the overview of the ePortfolio project to my AP English Language students–the subject of this post. I am thrilled with their initial response to the project, and I’m hoping their enthusiasm doesn’t dwindle.

Teachers Need a Technology Ally

January 14, 2008


When educators find a single activity that engenders critical thinking, reading, writing, technology—they take notice. Blogging does just that. I’m puzzled why more educators, especially English teachers, haven’t embraced blogging. Why are they not clamoring to their keyboards, rushing to sites like to sign up their students and get them blogging?