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Lisa Huff

English Teacher

Batesville High School



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  1. I’m looking for WordPress-hosted blogs to show as examples in a training video I’ll be recording next week. I may use yours ( if I can get permission to do so. Are you interested?

    I’m under NDA so I can’t say much, but the training video explains how to build a blog. I’m going to show off 4 to 6 blogs that have a nice look and interesting content as a way to introduce WordPress blogging. Your blog will be onscreen for 1 to 2 minutes of a 2+ hour video.

    The list of blogs has to be approved by my publisher’s staff, so I’m building the list now. If you agree and if you sign the permission form I’ll send you, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be in the video.

    (I will say that the sample blog we build in the training material will be related to education — possibly for a school library — so your site is a great fit as an introductory example.)

    Let me know if I should send the form. Also let me know if there are any other blogs you like and think I should consider.


  2. I’d be honored to have you showcase my blog. I recommend Dana Huff’s blog (, a fellow English teacher.

  3. Where did you find the picture of books at the top of your blog?

  4. Actually, it’s the pic that came with the template; I simply haven’t had time to create another one–a task on my short list!

  5. Love your blog!! You’ve got me thinking about white board possibilities!

    Would you be willing to allow email subscriptions??? I never get to my Google Reader account – just seems like one more thing to do.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  6. @Donna: I’ve added an e-mail subscription option in the sidebar. Thanks for requesting; I’m certain others will enjoy the option.

  7. hey Mrs.huff,
    I posted a snippet fo the story i have been wrighting for two years on my blog i would apreciate it if you could look over it and tell me what you think.
    thank you. Jennym

  8. Lisa,

    I just read your post on The Awakening. I’m interested. My English 11 Honors students just finished reading the book, and though I’m not sure exactly how I’ll fit in the assignment, I’m excited to try. I’ll be chaperoning a field trip Thursday after school through Sunday, but if I don’t hear from you tomorrow, I’ll check in at that point. One issue: I’ve never created/used/experienced a voicethread, so I’ll need some coaching . . . if that’s a little more work than you’re planning on right now, I understand.

    Thanks for the opportunity! I’m excited to see if we can work something out.


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