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Teaching Vocabulary

August 24, 2010


Most of us have read the research that says giving kids lists of words and  having them learn and spit back definitions doesn’t work. It doesn’t grow kids’ vocabularies. Not really. I’ve read the research (and agree with it), but I still struggle with devising an organized system for teaching vocabulary.  I like order–at least […]

Google Maps and More

October 12, 2009


I just discovered two awesome tools, and my mind is reeling with possibilities for my students. Google Maps allows anyone to create a customized map with placemarkers that, when clicked, launch a pop-up box complete with text, links, images, even videos.  Think of all the novels or short stories where setting is prominent, especially novels […]

Teaching How Diction Reveals Tone

September 16, 2009


Teaching students to dig deep into a text can be challenging, especially when today’s students aren’t regular readers. Since school started four weeks ago, I’ve been trying to inspire mine to establish a daily habit of reading and to read deeply. Today, we tackled diction and tone. I began the lesson by having three  students […]

Another Year of Gatsby VoiceThreads

May 8, 2009


I’ve been absent from blogging here for quite some time. I’ve actually been reading, commenting, and creating content in other places like at the Classrooms 21 blog, a project we’re tackling in my district to redesign the learning environment in our classrooms, to make it a more active, engaging, technology-infused environment. What I really want […]

Head2Head: Teaching Students to Argue the Right Way

January 30, 2009


Generally, students are trotting off to college, unprepared to meet academic demands. Professors–followed soon by employers–demand that students be able to construct an argument.  It’s no wonder many students fall short. Constructing an argument requires students to be critical readers and thinkers and skilled writers: They must first be adept at inquiry, able to explore […]

The Awakening Project: Bring on the Comments!

December 3, 2008


As with all projects, we hit a few hurdles–absent team members, problems uploading videos, problems getting our crappy mics to record quality narration–but my students have finished their productions of their analyses of chapter six of The Awakening.  They’re eager for the world to view their presentations and enter the discussion. If you have time, please […]

The Awakening Cooperative Project

November 10, 2008


School interruptions have delayed my starting The Awakening collaborative project I explained in this post. That means there’s still time to join us. Thanks to those of you who said you’d be interested in commenting on my students’ projects. For those of you curious about the details and considering actually having your students complete the […]