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Google Maps and More

October 12, 2009


I just discovered two awesome tools, and my mind is reeling with possibilities for my students. Google Maps allows anyone to create a customized map with placemarkers that, when clicked, launch a pop-up box complete with text, links, images, even videos.  Think of all the novels or short stories where setting is prominent, especially novels […]

Helen Barrett at NECC 2008

September 1, 2008


This weekend I finally downloaded and saved images from my digital camera. The snapshot of Helen Barrett and me in the Blogger’s Cafe at NECC 2008 made me smile. Good times.  Tammy, a fellow English teacher at BHS, discovered Helen’s blog post about our visit. I couldn’t resist sharing the photo. Helen has been an […]

Gen Y: They Will Change the World

May 20, 2008


I read a great article this week from Read Write Web by Sarah Perez, who claims “Gen Y is taking over.”  She states:              As the Boomers fade into retirement and Gen Y takes root in the workplace, we’re              going to see some big changes ahead, not just at work, but on the web as a whole. Though […]

Moonfruit: Awesome Website Builder

April 12, 2008

7 You must check out Moonfruit, a site I discovered—actually that my students discovered—while creating their portfolios. To be so simple—point and click, drag and drop—it’s one of the most visually powerful online website builders I’ve ever seen.   Several of my students have created web pages, rather than stick with the blog format, for […]

Teacher’s Rein Loosened = Student Creativity Abounding

April 2, 2008


Yesterday I formally introduced the overview of the ePortfolio project to my AP English Language students–the subject of this post. I am thrilled with their initial response to the project, and I’m hoping their enthusiasm doesn’t dwindle.

ePortfolios: Introducing the Project to Students

March 31, 2008


After allowing my students a couple weeks to explore the questions and links on the class wiki, and allowing myself time to mull over exactly how to tackle this portfolio project–like I did in a recent post–I’m ready to introduce the project to my students. I’ve created a PowerPoint  I’ll use with my students in class tomorrow.   ePortfolios: Demonstrating […]

Consuming Information in the 21st Century

March 21, 2008


**Note:  This is a model for an ePortfolio entry demonstrating mastery of some of the NETS for Students Standards. When finished, I’ll have an ePortfolio page that will contain a link to this post. To improve navigation, I suppose I’ll also need to include a link in this post back to the ePortfolio page. This year, […]