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Google Maps and More

October 12, 2009


I just discovered two awesome tools, and my mind is reeling with possibilities for my students. Google Maps allows anyone to create a customized map with placemarkers that, when clicked, launch a pop-up box complete with text, links, images, even videos.  Think of all the novels or short stories where setting is prominent, especially novels […]

It’s about the learning not the tool

October 9, 2008


In our 21clc training this week, I tried to stress that technology integration is not about digital tools–not really. It’s about teaching students to be critical and creative thinkers, about teaching students to communicate, collaborate, and create, about teaching students to research–find sources, evaluate sources, synthesize and organize information, document sources, about teaching students to […]

Instructional Technologists Matter

August 31, 2008


Kim Cofino captures beautifully the potential of an instructional technologist or technology coach to make a difference.

Maximizing Our Time with Students

August 31, 2008


I love technology  because it allows us to teach better, to reach learners in ways we couldn’t reach them without it. As we at BHS continue to access new tools, the challenge is to envision how best to use those tools.  We must step back and examine how we’re teaching students in our classrooms, asking ourselves if […]

Edutopia Interview: 21st Century Learning Community at BHS

August 10, 2008


Last night I visited with Grace, a journalist at Edutopia, in a phone interview. She wants to write an article about what we’re doing at BHS with our 21clc team. I rattled on and on as I tend to do when I talk about technology integration, and, having replayed the conversation in my head and […]

Newly Launched Ning to Unite HS English Teachers

July 24, 2008


Nings allow us to form our own social network, a place where like-minded individuals can connect to share, discuss, debate, collaborate, create. It is my hope that Literacy Lighthouse , a ning I just launched, will connect high school English teachers around the globe. The 21st Century demands our students be able to read and […]

A Message For All Educators, Not Just School Boards

July 6, 2008


Wes Fryer has created a video for his local school board, attempting to persuade the board to take action to have his school address the problem of not preparing students for the digital demands of the 21st Century. It speaks to many of the same action steps we at BHS need to be taking. Fortunately, […]