Classroom Redesign: It’s Finally Happening at My School!

Posted on June 9, 2009


I was perusing my blog this morning, reading through past posts, and I came across this one I wrote in January of this year. I had been silent on my blog for some time prior to that post, silent because I was teaching English full-time and trying to rally my district to embrace a major redesign at my high school, one that would redesign the way we’re educating kids, that would redesign the learning environments our kids enter every day, that would redesign the very nature of the way teachers and students interact in the classroom and beyond–extending the learning outside the constraints of space and time.

Yesterday marked a milestone in that redesign journey.

I traveled with five colleagues from my district to Fort Smith to train with the Fort Smith School District with whom we’re partnering.  These five colleagues applied and were selected to be Classroom Redesign Pioneers . These Pioneer educators, all veteran teachers, are embracing change. They recognize what we’ve all been doing isn’t reaching today’s kids, isn’t preparing them for the world they’ll enter. These are good teachers. They’ve been successful. Yet, they know we can do better. Their eagerness excites me and fuels me for the journey ahead.

In addition to getting a classroom set of Asus EeePC’s, they’ll be getting several other tech tools,  a completely redesigned classroom that will truly change the learning environment, and continuing professional development in the form of a personal learning community we’re creating.

This week is tangible. I can finally SEE the fruits of a long year of work. We’ve only just begun, but it’s exciting. I look forward to chronicling our journey, to continuing to problem-solve as we encounter hurdles, to working alongside these teachers as we enter uncharted–at least in our area–territory.

Here’s to the learning revolution: it’s happening at my school!