The Awakening Project: Bring on the Comments!

Posted on December 3, 2008


As with all projects, we hit a few hurdles–absent team members, problems uploading videos, problems getting our crappy mics to record quality narration–but my students have finished their productions of their analyses of chapter six of The Awakening.  They’re eager for the world to view their presentations and enter the discussion. If you have time, please check out their work. I’d love to hear feedback from both adults and students.

I’m including a one-page hand-out of ideas for commenting. Feel free to share it with your students. If you missed the previous posts explaining this project, you might want to check them out here and here.

I know this is a horribly busy time of the year with semester exams and the holidays bearing down on us. I’ll say thanks in advance to those of you who can spare a moment to enter the conversation, to push the thinking of my students and, in essence, model the power of technology to connect  learners and voices from around the world.

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