goodreads: Get Students Connecting around Texts

Posted on August 12, 2008



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This summer I shared goodreads in several of my workshops. If you haven’t yet heard of it, it’s one of the many online social libraries: sites that allow users to create a library of the books they’ve read, rate books, write reviews, discuss books with other users, write quiz questions, share favorite quotes, create groups, and more.

In short, they are an incredible tool for getting students talking and writing about books. This year, I’m abandoning my paper reading log in favor of a digital reading log. Using the gmail + trick, I’ll create a goodreads account for every student (saves class time not having to walk students through the registration process) and have them keep track of their reading. Using common tags, we can categorize the books by quarter.

I’ve created a goodreads page on my workshop wiki with resources teachers might find helpful. I also created a goodreads photo set at Flickr: screenshot tutorials with step-by-step directions for using goodreads. Click on the photos and read integration ideas for using goodreads with students.

What other ideas do you have for using goodread with students?