Say it in 100 Words

Posted on July 30, 2008


Samsung’s Hope for Education Contest asks students and adults to submit a 100-word essay on this topic:

“How has technology educated you on helping the environment and how or why has it changed your behavior to be more environmentally friendly?”

I love/need free stuff. I submitted my entry today, exactly 100 words:

I stand over the copier. Its noisy hum drowns the sounds of teachers chatting, waiting in line with stacks of back-to-school papers. Sliding my syllabus into the document feeder, I punch one-two-five, enough copies to send home with each of my students and line remote trash bins with crumpled wads. Pages shoot from the copier. Images flash through my mind–ads and web pages screaming, “Go Green!” I, a 21st century teacher, am an unintentional-not-so-eco-friendly model for minds of the future. No more. Wikis and blogs will house course documents. I’ll do my part, however small, to nurture the planet.

My students will be writing and submitting entries: an exercise in showing not telling.  Penny Kittle, author of Write Beside Them–a book I’ve been reading and discussing this summer, would be proud.

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