The Making of a Digital Story

Posted on July 11, 2008


Between laundry loads today, I’ve managed to draw a host of cartoon characters, write a story, and lay out a storyboard. This digital storytelling is hard work, challenging, and fun.


I’m creating my images the old-fashioned way—sort of. I’ve hand-drawn three characters, each with several different facial expressions. I then took a picture of each with my digital camera. I inserted the images into PowerPoint, cropped them, and used the Transparent Picture Tool to get rid of the background (shown in image below right). Some of the pics have a bit of pencil blur the Transparent Tool didn’t remove. Tomorrow, I’ll try copying and pasting them into Paint to see if I can erase the fuzz and sharpen the images.


I’ve struggled to pinpoint my exact purpose of my story (or slideshow), a key skill I’ve preached to students for years. This struggle, though, makes me realize the same struggles my students face.  I’ve finally—after several starts and stops and crumpled drafts—decided to focus my story on literature circles as one strategy to combat the adolescent literacy crisis we’re facing. I’m hoping to finish it soon and enter it in Slideshare’s contest  

Stay tuned I’ll be posting it here—with instructions for you all to go to SlideShare and vote for my slideshow! I’ll leave you with a first draft (a very rough one) of the opening slide.