Draw + Slide = Powerful Presentation

Posted on July 9, 2008


Today, I spent nearly an hour learning to draw cartoon faces. I raided my son’s room, grabbed his big container of colored pencils, one of his sketch pads, and a how-to book, by Steve Barr, from his library. I made myself a steaming hot cup of coffee and crawled into the middle of my bed, sketch pad in hand, markers strewn around me. I was amazed at the range of emotions a few lines can portray. I’m fairly satisfied with my progress: hair is a bit problematic for me. I plan to check out some graphic novels tomorrow for inspiration. 

I’ve been exploring the concept of creating visually powerful presentations, abandoning templates and bullet-driven slideshows (see my recent post for more details). Many of my favorite presentations use simple hand-drawn illustrations–many without hair! I’m working on one myself–hence the drawing lesson.

Looking for more inspiration, I began surfing Slideshare and found a stunning beauty of simplicity created by my presentation design hero, Scott Schwertly at Ethos3 . Scott ranks up there with Dan Pink: their creativity amazes and inspires me.

I also discovered Slideshare is sponsoring a design contest; cast your votes or capture some with an entry of your own.  Check out Scott’s beauty below:

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