21st Century Literacy: What Can We Do NOW?

Posted on July 8, 2008


Wesley Fryer  has published another winner: a 14.5 minute video defining what it means to be literate in the 21st Century and urging schools to take action NOW. He gives practical, specific advice and admonishes educators to have their students practicing the 3 C’s: communication, collaboration, creation.

For my own local 21clc  team, I think we all need to watch this video and ask ourselves how we can bring change to BHS NOW. Working together, I’m confident we can make a real difference.

  • How can we get laptops in the hands of every student? Textbooks generally cost upwards of $50 per student. Could some of this money be diverted for laptops? Can we find and write a grant? Can we involve the community to raise funds?
  • How can we create lessons/projects that get our students communicating and collaborating–NOW–with a global audience? Can we use Skype (it’s FREE and easy!) to connect our students with global voices? Could we encourage our students to locate and contact others, to invite them into the classroom using Web 2.0 tools?
  • How can we create lessons/projects that have our students creating authentic products that require students to use higher levels of thinking? Can our 21clc team begin designing project-based units to use with our students? Can we, as a faculty, set do-able goals–begin designing project-based units–perhaps one a semester (or quarter?), working with teachers within our department and with teachers of other departments? Could we do some of this work in after school faculty meetings? Could we collaborate together asynchronously on a wiki? Can we learn from the successes and failures of other schools (like Chris Lehmann’s Science Leadership Academy[Lehmann’s blog]) to help us forge our own path?

I’ve embedded the video below.

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