A Message For All Educators, Not Just School Boards

Posted on July 6, 2008


Wes Fryer has created a video for his local school board, attempting to persuade the board to take action to have his school address the problem of not preparing students for the digital demands of the 21st Century.

It speaks to many of the same action steps we at BHS need to be taking. Fortunately, I don’t think we have the same culture of fear Fryer speaks of, rather our leaders want to forge forward to create a richer technology infusion in our schools. But, we’ve a long way to go. I can envision the day when are students are–on a daily basis–using digital tools to connect and collaborate with learners and experts around the globe.

The video is 17 minutes. Watch it. Please. All our local leaders need to watch it. All our teachers need to watch it.

Then, we need to put our heads together to figure out a way–no matter how tight the budget may be–to bring the ideas he discusses to OUR school.

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