Cover & Cram Vs. Learn

Posted on July 1, 2008


Over the past two days, a ton of information has been crammed into my brain (I’ve just passively listened, mostly) via sessions, vendor booths, poster presentations, conversations online and face-to-face.  I’ve barely had a moment to stop and reflect on what I’ve learned, to digest, to connect new learning with what I already know, to evaluate, to voice my own thinking, to apply the concepts to my classroom and teaching.

How often do I do this to my students? Cram new information into their brains, not stopping to give them time to digest, to connect to prior knowledge, to discuss, to agree/disagree, to evaluate, to create-to make it their own.

Think time-alone and with peers-is valuable. Sometimes, I just need to get away from “the teacher” and think. Maybe this–when I the teacher get out of the way–is where the real learning happens-the kind that sticks with me, the kind that will actually change my practice.

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