PowerPoint: Going Beyond Traditional Linear Slideshows

Posted on June 15, 2008


I’ve been busy preparing for summer workshops. The first one I’m presenting is PowerPoint and Beyond, a two-day session exploring creating non-linear presentations that use hyperlinks rather than linear slide-to-slide structure, uploading slideshows to SlideShare and embedding them in web pages (participants will be creating their own wikis and embedding their created PowerPoints), and exploring basic principles of visual design, learning ways to beef up presentations visually.  

Throughout my years of teaching Sunday school, AWANA, and Vacation Bible School in church, I’ve realized how much more we grow when we have to prepare a lesson rather than simply be a participant in a chair. This well-known principle is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching other teachers. It forces me to grow as a teacher-to keep learning and improving. My PowerPoint preparation has been no exception: I’ve actually learned a great deal. I learned how to use macros (I had never even heard of this term before last week) to create quizzes. Ellen Finkelstein gives a wonderful explanation as well as a ton of other instructions for using PowerPoint in ways we don’t traditionally consider. A whole new world about visual design has opened for me. The idea of abandoning boring template bulleted slides in favor of original, creative, highly-visual ones is an intriguing new concept for me. I’ve started a visual design page on my workshop wiki. I’m still looking for resources for the visual part of the presentation. I’d love to hear suggestions: can anyone point me to some good resources?

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