Come Read with Us!

Posted on May 1, 2008


Dana Huff  has invited educators to join her in reading Write Beside Them. In the spirit of forging a collaboration, I’ve created a wiki to unite all of us who want to join Dana in reading and discussing the book.

Harvey Daniels, one of my heroes in the world of literature circles, has given the book this blurb:

Write Beside Them debuts as the field’s most comprehensive, contemporary, and practical book on high school writing. Kittle not only tells how a skillful writing teacher operates, she shows you on the accompanying DVD, with clips of kids at work in every stage of a writing workshop. And all this glorious teaching happens with real, sometimes struggling kids who remind us of our own classrooms and students. Write Beside Them is the whole package.

Such high praise from Daniels is enough to make me pre-buy a copy (The book isn’t yet released.). We’d love to have you join us. Head over to Amazon to purchase your copy; then, add your name to the club list on the wiki.  Hope to see there!