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Posted on April 18, 2008


The end is near. As the school year grinds (that’s how it’s feeling as I’m majorly overloaded) through April, nearing May, I’ve been thinking about what I could do to keep kids enthused and me sane. My English 11 classes are well underway in a poetry unit, one which I knew, in the end, students would publish an analysis of a poem and publish an anthology of their own written poems. How could they do this in a way that would engage them, that would motivate them to “get into” the project, that would help them to see poetry has a place in the 21st Century? Yesterday, it came to me:

A WebQuest.

So, Ashley (my student intern) and I are collaborating to create a webquest: Marketing Your Mind: Prancing Into the 21st Century. We created a wiki yesterday and over the next few days will hopefully finish it. We brainstormed together, sketched out (on big paper–one of my favorite tools) a basic plan, and in the spirit of teamwork, we’ve divided the workload: I’ll be writing the introduction, task, and conclusion; Ashley will tackle the process and evaluation. 

I’m a big fan of the webquest, but this one I’m especially liking. Being able to introduce my student intern to webquests, to have her roll up her sleeves and help create one, will impact not only my students but will hopefully impact several generations to come–both hers and mine.

 I’d love to have you track our work over the next few days and offer feedback and suggestions.  




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