Moonfruit: Awesome Website Builder

Posted on April 12, 2008

7 You must check out Moonfruit, a site I discovered—actually that my students discovered—while creating their portfolios. To be so simple—point and click, drag and drop—it’s one of the most visually powerful online website builders I’ve ever seen.


Several of my students have created web pages, rather than stick with the blog format, for their ePortfolios. Shea and JM have made significant progress.


One drawback: the free account displays advertisements after the free 14-day (no-ads) trial period ends. You can pay for a no-ad site, of course. Amazingly, a few of my students, enamored by the site, are actually going to pay to get their own domain and ad-free site. JM told me yesterday he was considering upgrading to the two-year plan, long enough for him to use the site through the remainder of high school and be able to present it to colleges and organizations for scholarships.


I am smitten myself. In an effort to model lifelong learning for my students, I’ve started my portfolio at Moonfruit. I must admit: it’s FUN! For those of us who love the visual, who love to create, who love to tap into the powerful combination of artful language and creative design, Moonfruit has the power to engage our whole minds.


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