Call for Techy Book Projects

Posted on April 6, 2008


Bud Hunt is asking readers to submit their favorite YA titles. I’d love readers to submit their favorite tech ideas for book talks.

In our school, students regularly give book talks–oral presentations of the books they’re reading. These talks encourage students to craft an attention-getter, give a brief overview of the book, give more detailed information on at least one particular aspect (author, setting, character, theme, structure), and end with a teaser that encourages others to read the book. You might want to check out the book talk rubric. We’ve found these book talks are our best advertisement of books. Afterall, teens listen to each other.

I’m wondering about ways to go beyond the  mere in-class oral presentation. I think producing a VoiceThread or podcast might be cool. Has anyone tried this? Do you have specific advice for tackling such a project? Could you share other ideas for book projects?