Why Blog?

Posted on January 17, 2008


Karl Fisch sums up the educational power of blogging:
Read. Think. Write. Repeat.
You begin by reading. Texts of any kind will do: blogs and other digital texts (often via RSS), news, editorials, essays, speeches, books, plays, poetry. You then think about, analyze, connect, evaluate, and synthesize the ideas of others with your own. Then you write and publish–to your own blog and to others’ blogs via comments. A conversation ensues. As the conversation evolves, so does your thinking. Then, you repeat the whole process.

Blogging teachers are thinking teachers, modeling the habits of mind educators ultimately hope to instill in students. Blogging teachers are models of literacy and 21st Century learning.

Joel, a band director blogging at So You Want To Teach?, offers 8 ways blogging has made him a better teacher.

So, why blog? It makes you a better reader, thinker, and writer. It makes you a better teacher. It makes you a lifelong learner. It makes you a model for students who desperately need worthy models to emulate.

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