Tease Your Readers

Posted on October 8, 2007


USA Today screenshot October 8, 2007

Have you noticed how long posts clutter your blog pages, making them not-so-pretty to look at and not-so-easy to navigate? Your reader has to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to view all your posts.

To solve this problem, many authors create teasers. That is, they start with an interesting lead to grab the reader’s attention and introduce the topic, and then they insert a “Read More” link so that readers click the link to read the rest of the post. Why should you do this? Inserting a teaser shortens the length of each post, making your page much more visually appealing. Using the teaser is a basic tool of those delivering online content. The screenshot above shows how USA Today uses teasers to make their front page easier on the eye and more user-friendly. Note how the right side of the page displays titles for stories with a short teaser. To read more, you simply click the title.

How do you create a teaser on your blog? You simply type a short HTML command inside your post where you want the text to end and the “Read More” to appear. You won’t see the results until you publish the blog.

HTML code for Teaser

–OR– you can use the tool in the toolbar ( to split your post

Start teasing your readers!

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