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The Awakening Project: Bring on the Comments!

December 3, 2008


As with all projects, we hit a few hurdles–absent team members, problems uploading videos, problems getting our crappy mics to record quality narration–but my students have finished their productions of their analyses of chapter six of The Awakening.  They’re eager for the world to view their presentations and enter the discussion. If you have time, please […]

Teaching Narrative Writing: A Place Narrative Unit

October 7, 2008


My English 11 students are currently writing a place narrative modeled after a narrative in Penny Kittle’s book Write Beside Them. Taking Penny’s advice, I’ve been walking students through the writing process, working alongside them to share my own inventive process, using my work as a model for students. Here’s what we’ve done so far: Brainstormed: […]

Questioning a Text: Deepening Discussions and Understandings

September 22, 2008


This summer I promised participants in my literature circle workshops that I would update my literature circle wiki throughout the year, sharing lessons and resources I use with my own students. As promised, I’ve added a PowerPoint I’ve created on questioning. The PowerPoint, embedded below, is nothing earth shattering, but it might save teachers some […]

Newly Launched Ning to Unite HS English Teachers

July 24, 2008


Nings allow us to form our own social network, a place where like-minded individuals can connect to share, discuss, debate, collaborate, create. It is my hope that Literacy Lighthouse , a ning I just launched, will connect high school English teachers around the globe. The 21st Century demands our students be able to read and […]

Cross-Curricular Project: National History Day

July 24, 2008


Last year, Mrs. Gillmore suggested we (as two of the English 11 teachers at BHS) work with the history department to have students create projects for National History Day. Since then, we’ve tossed around ideas and all agree a cross-curricular collaboration would be beneficial to our students. How can we bring all the history and […]

The Making of a Digital Story

July 11, 2008


Between laundry loads today, I’ve managed to draw a host of cartoon characters, write a story, and lay out a storyboard. This digital storytelling is hard work, challenging, and fun.   I’m creating my images the old-fashioned way—sort of. I’ve hand-drawn three characters, each with several different facial expressions. I then took a picture of […]

21st Century Literacy: What Can We Do NOW?

July 8, 2008


Wesley Fryer  has published another winner: a 14.5 minute video defining what it means to be literate in the 21st Century and urging schools to take action NOW. He gives practical, specific advice and admonishes educators to have their students practicing the 3 C’s: communication, collaboration, creation. For my own local 21clc  team, I think […]

AP Scores Cancelled: Academic Integrity Matters

July 8, 2008


Imagine having nearly all your high school’s AP test scores thrown out-scores canceled-because of a few cheating students. The Orange Country Register reports Trabuco Hills High School is living such a nightmare: 608 exams have been canceled by ETS because of “staff violations and violations of security protocols.”  Ouch. Academic integrity still matters. A lot.

A Message For All Educators, Not Just School Boards

July 6, 2008


Wes Fryer has created a video for his local school board, attempting to persuade the board to take action to have his school address the problem of not preparing students for the digital demands of the 21st Century. It speaks to many of the same action steps we at BHS need to be taking. Fortunately, […]

After NECC 2008: What will I DO now?

July 6, 2008


In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.                                     - Author Unknown The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.                                            – Henry Ward Beecher While NECC 2008 is still fresh, I wanted to set personal goals. What actions, as a result of my […]


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