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Testing BlogJet

June 28, 2010


I just read (can’t remember where) a blogger explaining how he uses BlogJet, which allows him to blog even when he doesn’t have internet access. Sounds interesting. I’ve downloaded the application and am giving it a spin. Here’s  the pre-written message from BlogJet: I have installed an interesting application – BlogJet. It’s a cool Windows client […]

Blogging WebQuest

April 24, 2008


The labor has been long and arduous, but I’ve finally birthed (yes–I realize the connotation–an accurate one for the way I’m feeling right now) a finished WebQuest on blogging as part of my work with the Technology Infused Education (TIE) Cadre.  I can’t take credit for the idea. My work is a mere updating and […]

Managing Student Blogging: A Teacher’s Perspective

March 2, 2008


As the end of the grading period approaches, I pause to reflect on the blogging my AP English Language students have been doing this quarter. Overall, it has been a productive experience: they’ve grown as writers and thinkers, experiencing what it means to enter into conversations with a varied audience on topics that matter to […]

Molding “Real” Bloggers

February 10, 2008


Will Richardson, a noted edublogger, recently sounded what appeared to me an alarm:        I’m still surprised at how difficult it is to find K-12       students using their blogs to really try to connect with their readers around the topics that they are reading and writing about.I’m not at all surprised. “Real Blogging,” to use Richardson’s […]

Trick Out Your Blog–For Free!

January 31, 2008


I just stumbled upon So You Want To Teach?, a blog new to me written by a young band director named Joel. He’s a young, enthusiastic teacher with a wealth of technology tips and tricks for teachers as well as practical advice for improving classroom management. I especially like his explanation of RSS and Google Reader. […]

Why Blog?

January 17, 2008


Karl Fisch sums up the educational power of blogging: Read. Think. Write. Repeat. You begin by reading. Texts of any kind will do: blogs and other digital texts (often via RSS), news, editorials, essays, speeches, books, plays, poetry. You then think about, analyze, connect, evaluate, and synthesize the ideas of others with your own. Then you […]

Tweaking Your Navigation

October 16, 2007


Many of you are becoming expert bloggers: writing interesting, thought-provoking posts, including links to relevant sites, embedding pictures or videos relating to your posts, incorporating original graphics that enhance the look and readability of your site, eliciting comments from peers and unknowns. As we continue to hone our blogging skills, we need to consider our […]

Feed Your Reader

October 9, 2007


Part of your daily ritual should now be sitting down to your computer, signing in to iGoogle, skimming through your Google Reader widget, checking out what new content your peers and your teacher have added to their blogs. Some of us have encountered a problem, however, in being able to subscribe to both POSTS and […]

Tease Your Readers

October 8, 2007


Have you noticed how long posts clutter your blog pages, making them not-so-pretty to look at and not-so-easy to navigate? Your reader has to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to view all your posts. To solve this problem, many authors create teasers.

Add Some Bling with Images

October 8, 2007


You may have noticed several of your peers are adding images to posts and pages: some are creating graphics that complement a particular post or page, like Jay’s customized header for her blog or JM’s graphics to draw attention to his ideas. Using images is a great way to add bling to your blog.


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